IceMite Jr 0.75"

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Simple by design but oh so deadly!  It's all in the BALL!  This micro plastic is one of the pioneer plastics of the ice industry.  It's a proven winner on the tournament circuit and on lakes and rivers across the ice belt.  The ball is what makes this bait different than any other on the market.  Put fish in a trance with a soft rhythmic pulse when twitched slowly.    Use erratic fast jigging for an all together different cadence to trigger a reaction STRIKE!   Originally a J&S design we combined our efforts to offer you the Frostbite version of the IceMite Jr.  It's not meant to look fancy.  It has one CATCH FISH!  

Pair the IceMite Jr. with smaller jigs when down sizing.  We recommend using them with a 3mm jig.  This is a go to plastic for Gills and tight-lipped post cold front days.  The IceMite Jr. is the difference between a meal of fish or going home empty handed on the tough days.