Tantrum 100 (Lipless Rattlebait)
Tantrum 100 (Lipless Rattlebait)

Tantrum 100 (Lipless Rattlebait)

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The granddaddy of the Tantrum lineup requires a big rod and a strategic plan to deal with what it beckons from the depths. This is a perfect snack for Pike and Lake Trout, but will also trigger the predatory instincts of trophy Walleye, with the exaggerated signature "buckin' bronco" action that Tantrum is known for.

This rattlebait has a loud menacing vibration when ripped hard, a wandering vulnerable body-roll when jigged slowly, and a bold bronco tail-kick when pounded on the spot. We haven't really found a wrong way to work this lure yet. We are only offering the 100 size in two colors so far, and serve it with a compact crankbait snap and premium black nickel treble hooks to tame any temper.

4" 1.4oz.



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