Versamite 1.1875"

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Versatility is so important on the ice.  Being able to change things up based on conditions and the mood of the fish is essential.  The Versamite was made for this!  This bait was built for function, NOT for fashion.  Yes, we agree the Versamite almost looks stupid.  That's what makes it so different and effective.  It's not trying to be like all other micro plastics on the market today.  

You can rig the Versamite several ways.  For a larger profile you can hook the entire plastic as it is onto your jig.  Hook it on the first segment to allow the tail more action or hook through the both sections for less action.  For a small offering that's DEADLY, tear the bait in half at the middle between the segments.  Put the tail end on your jig for a durable rig that is hard to beat for Blue Gills.  We have personally had 50+ days on one tail.  AMAZING!  You can also use the head section by itself for very little action.  Some days that's the ticket.  Think about how much action a waxie has?  

Originally a J&S design, we combined our efforts to offer you the Frostbite version of the Versamite. 

The Versamite is more than meets the eye.